“To promote academic works, collaborate with other organizations, and to
establish a reputation of BRU in ASEAN and internationals”


The International Office is an active and efficient unit of supporting and cooperating the university in the international affairs in order to the educational standard and quality of graduates for international acceptance.


  • To join hands with the university to carry out the strategy of international affairs
  • To establish and seek for cooperation networks with government and private sectors, both in domestic and oversea areas.
  • To preserve and disseminate Thai language, art and culture to other countries.
  • To publicize work performance and reputation of the university at the international level

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To contact and create cooperative networks with government and private sectors both in Thailand and overseas
  • To publicize and disseminate the university activities to other organizations both in domestic and oversea areas
  • To suggest, recommend and provide services for international students and personnel working and staying at the university
  • To supervise, examine and propose the university scholarships provided for international students, lecturers, scholars and researchers who are studying and working at the university
  • To become the center for providing international information facilities for the university personnel
  • To organize the English course as well as ASEAN languages and cultures for the university personnel and local people