Vietnamese Language Studies Center


Vietnam, officially known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnam: Cộng hòa xã hội chủng hĩa Việt Nam) is a country in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is located at the eastern end of the Indochina Peninsula, bordering China in the north, Laos and Cambodia in the west and the Gulf of Tonkin and the South China Sea to the east and south. In Vietnamese, only the eastern seas are called the East Sea (Vietnam: Biển Đông). The population of Vietnam has over 89 million. It is considered the 13th most populous country in the world and is a member of 10 of the ASEAN Community.
Buriram Rajabhat University recognizes the importance of connecting good relations between the two countries because, at present, there are many students who come to exchange knowledge from Vietnam. Therefore, the Vietnamese Center is established for students to use on their free time to benefit and help students of Buriram Rajabhat University to learn the languages and cultures of Vietnam to increase their knowledge and vision in life.